Week 01 - DELF

Published 27-Aug-2020 By Liz Updated 18-Sep-2020

We had our first DELF course lesson today (Wed 26th Aug) with Céline at 10:30am in St Jean d'Aulps. We won't be meeting on 2nd September which means that the next lesson is at the same time and place, on 9th September.

Extra Books

We will have to do a lot of work on our own. So it will help to use books that cover grammar such as

  1. Bescherelle Grammar and
  2. B2 Grammar Exercises

Celine emphasised that we should use whichever books or resources we prefer.


Each lesson is 15 euros.

September 2020 Schedule

The four lessons available in September are

  1. Wed 09-Sep-2020
  2. Wed 16-Sep-2020
  3. Wed 23-Sep-2020
  4. Wed 30-Sep-2020

On the 9th we need to commit to how many lessons we are going to attend and then on the 9th, pay for those up front. The idea is that we commit to a number of lessons for an entire month so that lessons can be reliably planned and held.


Listen to radio stations like the following ones, as many of the listening extracts for DELF are pulled from these stations. You can find them all on an App called Radio France

  1. Radio France
  2. France Culture
  3. France Inter

For music listen to Cherie FM.


We were given a printed handout of a transcript of a radio interview between a journalist and an author called Kim Thuy. The author talks about her new (at the time) book (Le Secret des Vietnamiennes) which is a recipe book about centered around her passion for food and cooking.

She was asked in the interview what her favourite recipe book was. Weirdly it turned out to be one of her own, but then at the end she mentioned a favourite non-recipe book.

Class Activity

We each wrote our names on a piece of paper and our "passion". I listed my passion as "the internet". Others gave gardening, hiking, nature and health. Then we each took a piece of paper containing a name and passion, and wrote interview questions for the person we'd chosen. I had gardening. So my interview questions were :

  1. Tu aimes les jardins formels comme Wisley ? Lequel est ton préféré?
  2. Quelle est ta fleur favorite?
  3. Quand as-tu commencé à jardiner?
  4. Dites-moi pourquoi ton jardin est si important
  5. Le jardin que tu avais en angleterre avant de déménager en France te manque?


  1. Read and understand the interview.
  2. Write a short paragraph on your passion.


Here's a list of the vocabulary we covered during the lesson. If you are on a mobile phone use vertical and horizontal scroll bars to see the full table.

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  1. Oh goodness that’s great.. thanks so much for forwarding it to me. Really super helpful...
    When would you like to walk next week ? I can't do Monday or Tuesday xxx

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